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DIN EN 12828, Heating systems in buildings

General Information

The DIN EN 12828 very generally describes the design criteria of hot-water heating systems. In particular, it addresses the areas related to heat generation plants, heat distribution systems and heat emission systems.

Since the DIN EN 12828 replaces (among others) the DIN 4751 T 1-3, the safety-related equipping of heat generators is also described here. The standard also includes an informative attachment for calculating pressurization systems because the DIN 4807 T2 is also partially replaced by the DIN EN 12828.

The competent reader will quickly notice that the normally clear and detailed speech is missing from the DIN 4751. This is most likely the result of the attempts at European harmonization and is also not otherwise possible as described in the standard by the Committee for Standardization Whether this results in a simplification in the application, however, remains to be seen.

All market partners, from the manufacturer to the planner and technician will have to get used to the standard, which is in many places free and loosely formulated. Reflex wants to make information available at this point which will provide the usual, clear overview and help to simplify working with the new rules.

Area of application

Only the "hot-water area" is referenced as area of applicability. The standard understands to mean systems whose heat generators work with a maximum operating temperature of 105 C. Meant here is not the maximum set temperature on the safety temperature limiter of the generator but rather the maximum selectable temperature on the regulator for the operation.

The maximum possible temperature setting for the safety temperature limiter is not numerically quantified in the DIN EN 12828. To the preliminary statement it is mentioned that, determined by the ancillary conditions of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), and additional standards, such as the DIN EN 12952 and 12953 (equipping of boilers with operating temperatures above 100 respectively 110 C), this temperature for hot water systems must level off at a maximum temperature of 110°C in accordance with DIN EN 12828. Provided that securing temperatures >110°C is necessary during planning and construction of heat generation systems, we currently recommend consulting with the TÜV beforehand. The desired and required equipment for the determination of the inspection deadlines (BetrSichV) can be coordinated.

Start of the validity

The DIN EN 12828:2003 has been in force since July 4, 2002 and has the status of a German standard. The replaced standards were additionally valid, however, only until March 31, 2004.

Safety-related equipment (details)

  Summary of the DIN EN 12828

  • Overview "Safety-related equipment according to DIN EN 12828", direct heating
  • Comparison table "Safety technology DIN 4751 T2/ DIN EN 12828", direct heating
  • Comparison table "Safety technology DIN 4751 T2/ DIN EN 12828", direct heating

Comments of the BHKS, ZVSHK and DIN

A comment on the DIN 12828 appeared in the spring of 2005 in the Beuth Verlag. The BHKS and the ZVSHK, originated this work together with the DIN in order to facilitate a more clear handling of the standard for a general practitioner. (Order number Beuth Verlag: 15920)