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Commitment to our customers

Keeping our customers satisfied on the long term will undoubtedly bring succes to both parties.                                                                                          

The partnership-based cooperation with our customers and suppliers is the best basis of our succes. All employees are committed to stay, before, during and after the sale of our products a reliable and competent contact person for all customers. 

Highest quality of our processes and products is our claim

To achieve this, we have a strong team working on continuous improvement of our products and processes involving equally our customers and suppliers. Dialogue with the customers is continuous and their requirements are taken into account for any new development. Our suppliers are defined accordingly and are constantly encouraged to further improve to meet our highly demanding requirements. 

Standardization of processes in a global world

is the basis to ensure a successful international cooperation. Wherever a product is produced, our customer gets the same level of service and proven quality. Employees also benefit from that because they operate in one system independent from the location of the factory and/or the business unit. 

Occupational safety, health and environmental protection are the basis

The employees are our most important resource and make our success possible. We support open and respectful communication to promote creativity, commitment and motivation. We are all committed to protect the environment and continually improve our environmental management system and performance. We fulfill our obligations and constantly monitor compliance with applicable regulations.


Statement on compliance

All employees agree to comply with ethical and legal requirements as well as
the company's internal guidelines. This also applies to cooperation with customers and suppliers.