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In the field of heating and air-conditioning, we offer a particularly wide and high quality range of water-and steam distributing components - ranging from Our unique compact manifolds with the sine curve, our hydraulic separators perfectly matching your requirements and custom-built buffer storage vessels. Including Specifically manufactored insulating materials, constitute our product portfolio. Whether in single-family houses or in industrial plants, we offer optimal solutions meeting most of your specific requirements. 

Your benefits:

  • Space-saving arrangement of flow and return lines (no separate manifolds for flow and return line required)

  • Good flow characteristics due to sinusoidal arrangement of flow and return line chamber

  • Compact design and easy to install

  • Short delivery times

  • small manifolds acc. to individual specifications
  • Incl. individual insulation
  • Make your choice:
  • Size of chamber
  • Distance between connections
  • Connection design
  • Output and connections acc. to specifications
  • Individual designs from 3 m³/h to 300 m³/h
  • Make your choice
  • Immersion sensor well
  • Drain / aeration set
  • Magnetite separators

Manifold incl. hydraulic separator 

  • Optimum hydraulic system in any operating status
  • Awarded with the Innovation Prize of the German Economy
  • Fast and simple assembly
  • Reduced heating costs due to low return flow temperatures
  • Optimum hydraulic system with two temperature zones
  • Ideal with in-floor heating and radiator combination
  • Increased efficiency of the heating system due to the optimized exploitation of the calorific value


  • Individual connection to each type of boiler
  • Space-saving miracle due to the integrated hydraulic separator
  • Innovative technique for primary distribution
  •  Modular cascade solution especially for freestanding boilers
  • Power ratings up to 1200 kW
  • Special solutions for higher power ratings are possible
  • Better handling of heavy components
  •  Optimised packaging size
  • Individual manufactured acc. to specifications 

  • Connection sets 

  • Complete pre-mounted groups incl. fittings 

  • Steel or stainless steel

Maintenance box - Magnetite separation module

  • suitable for the MonoFixx 80/80, as an optional extra for magnetite separation
  • for attachment to the boiler return line beneath the manifold 
  • Enables desludging with pressurized system

Magnetite separation module for small hydraulic separators

  • Magnetic insert for separation of ferromagnetic substances
  • Enables desludging with pressurized system


  • Hydraulic separator manifold for accommodation of a standard pump
  • pressure-tested and primed at the factory.